Things People in Memphis Can’t Live Without

Memphis, the second largest city along the magnificent Mississippi river, is home to one of the most vibrant musical cultures too. It is often described as being overlooked in preference to its glamorous counterparts, New York and Chicago.

However, Memphis has a rhythm of its own. Be it food, drinks, music or the people, there are reasons enough for Memphis to brag about.


Memphians are proud of their barbeque heritage. It goes without saying that, they have one of the best barbeques in the world. They have their own style. Theirs is one of the four styles of barbecue in the US.

Their way of cooking the pork, especially the ribas and shoulder are unique. A pit dry-rubbed with salt and spices, is one of the secrets behind your succulent piece of pork on your plate, in Memphis.


Memphians rave about their beer, which is made out of their delicious sweet local waters. They boast of the best breweries in the States. Ghost River, Wiseacre, High Cotton, Memphis made are a few pubs out of the innumerable best in Memphis.

 They have beer fests to indulge in their abundance and passion. Memphis brewfest, Art on Tap and Cooper-Young Regional Beerfest are the annual beer gala, that bursts its seams. Wisecrack puts up an invitational beer festival “Taste the Rarity”, inviting 30-plus breweries to showcase.

Beale street

The street in the downtown Memphis, carries the soul of the Memphians. This is the confluence of music, crossing race, creed and religion. This is the hotbed of the blues.

Every year musical genius from various genres, come for the Beale Street Music Festival. This three-day event in May, is a pot-pourri of an eclectic mix of musical genres. The music is a result of cross-cultural mix of blues, country, soul, hip-hop and rock n roll genres. Know more about Memphis at .

The King

Elvis Presley, is a close friend to every Memphian. He rules the psyche of everyone here. Even though, there are naysayers, to this phenomenon, visiting Graceland is akin to a rite of passage, to every young adult in Memphis.

Their love for the King, is shown during Elvis Week, every August. The fervour reaches the peak during the annual Candlelight Vigil.  


Fedex is the largest employer for Memphis. This makes Memphis International Airport, the second busiest cargo airport in the world. Memphis is one of the six hubs for Fedex in USA and it is the largest hub of all. It is called the superhub.

Almost every package finds its way here. Around half a million packages are sorted out in an hour here. The fame of the barbeque is increased countrywide by overnight shipping to any part of the country through Memphis Fedex Superhub.


The mantra “bring your soul to Memphis”, is apt. This is a city of raw passion and of people who are proud to show, what they love and how they love. It is a place to explore the uncharted trails of your soul.


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