Do You Want to Drive Yourself While in Italy?

Driving in the major cities of Italy can be intimidating and some of you may carry bitter experience for too long. However, if you want to travel to any remote areas then rental car can be right way to go.

So, we recommend that if you are very confident in driving then choose to hire a rental car to go to remote areas. However, for driving in any of the major cities of Italy like Milan, Rome, Naples prefer to use public transport.

You may read more hiring car tips in Italy from different sources and in this article too, we have provided few driving tips too.

  1. Don’t go for cheaper rates

Avoid those rental companies who either offer too cheap rates or try to offer something unbelievable. Usually such rental company will prove to be much costlier as they may add many other costs while you return car.

Therefore, prefer to go for a reputed company who will offer competitive rates and also provide 24 hours service in English and also insurance.

  1. Obtain international driving permit

Whatever people may advice you for having US driving license, you must also get international driving permit. In case, you ever encounter any police or ever meet with an accident then you will need it.

For obtaining this permit, you do not have to undergo any test but will be issued based on your existing driver’s license.

  1. Don’t be totally dependent on GPS

GPS is a very handy tool if you are driving in any unknown city. However, in Italy often two or more cities may have same name though they may be located in entirely different region. Therefore, it is essential that you must also confirm from a road map too. 

Besides that, GPS may sometimes take you to ZTL area or into any one-way street from where it will be difficult to find your way out. Quite often GPS systems may not reflect the latest status of road’s openings and closings.

So, it is always better to carry an additional map and also use your own driving sense to find your direction.

  1. Know About Zona Traffico Limitato

Avoid driving on the area where you notice a sign of Zona Traffico Limitato – ZTL, which are either pedestrian or limited traffic zones.

You will need a special permit in order to drive in in such limited traffic zone. Camera will detect your car’s license plate, if you ever enter there and the ticket will be mailed to you. It may even come after a month too.

  1. Take care about your speed

Italy has 2 main devices in order to catch speeding vehicles – Autovelox and the latest is Sistema Tutor. Try to notice any Autovelox that you can find on any regular highways, or also in some towns.

Autovelox will look like big box having a sign however it has a camera inside that takes photo of the license plate. You must watch any warning sign that says controllo electronico della velocita’ or Polizia Stradale.

Sistema Tutor is relatively a new system introduced on some places of the road. There is an overhead camera which will take photo of the license plate when you pass under this camera and as you pass through the next camera, the average speed is calculated.

You should never exceed 130 Kmph or 110 Kmph if it is raining. You will be mailed with a ticket or through the car rental company.

  1. While you drive on the Autostrada

This is toll road where maximum speed limit should be 130 kmph or in certain parts it is 110, or can also be 60 for any curvy stretches. So always watch for signs.


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